Ninamounah is an Amsterdam-based label run by creative director Ninamounah Langestraat. Ninamounah is using biological methods to dissect the deeper layers of the cultural mantle found in fashion design. By emphasising instinctive and experimental strengths the label transcends bodily and mental constructs. Ninamounah is making the unusual usual—transgressing comfort zones in fashion and exploring humans animalistic side.


We are all animals wearing a dress of culture.


Ninamounah considers herself as a biologists and anthropologists that use fashion and art as her research method. Transforming fashion into a powerful tool beyond its own disciplinary borders. Ninamounah is driven by an interest in mankind in its natural yet constructed form and investigates how the dressed human is simultaneously celebrated and suppressed due to cultural-historical structures that are often found in fashion design. The collections take natural phenomena as a conceptual starting point to disjoint archaic cultural views on society and encourage humans to embrace one’s animalistic side.


By embracing the method of reclaiming used materials with a specific user’s history for our designs, Ninamounah synthesises traces of a forlorn past with future realities. Engaging with the traces of previous lives that are present in the deadstock fabrics, we merge them symbiotically in our experimental designs in order to artistically reflect on our environmental impact. Classic pinstripe suits, shirts and motor garments are heavily reworked and restructured into sensual and subversive shapes.


Subverting traditional seasons, Ninamounah instead opts for collections that transcend winter or summer. Classic garments like the tailored suit slowly evolve over time, allowing its genetics to adjust to new environments. Respecting tradition by furthering it, we continuously re-investigate the iconography of garment history, melting and clashing its shapes along the way. Always drawn to the machismo of the motorsuit and the restrictive sexuality of the corset, we are committed to keeping craftsmanship alive. Melting clashes and contrasts into new shapes that are extremely masculine, extremely feminine and everything in between.

Studio Ninamounah

Donauweg 11A

1043 AJ Amsterdam

The Netherlands