"The Hunt"

The collection is heavy on animalistic textures; black and silver feathers, fishlike neon yellow sequins, and vegan hair are reminiscent of primordial humans wearing the skins of their prey as trophies. In nature, most animals will not allow themselves to be touched by humans. The act of wearing another animal’s skin represents the conquest of another species.
Predators will often attack the most sensitive part of their prey; the groin. In an act of vulnerable defiance, Ninamounah introduces hipbone-baring trousers in Nappa leather, denim, and virgin wool.
Elastics built into the skeleton of coats, dresses, and tops create a gathered effect resembling a hunted animal curling up in distress. Skin-exposing zippers and cut seams reference slashed open skin. Finally, the boning in the corsetry alludes to the earthly remains left behind.
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