Collection: "The Gatherers"

Ninamounah features references to the flora and fauna world incorporating roots-shaped tailoring and flesh-eating Venus fly cuts combined with a bright-colored lining. Circle-boned leaf-structured silhouettes, in collaboration with Tim Christiani, guide the viewer's eyes toward the flowing garment, inspired by the Amazon water lotus aiming to celebrate a sense of reflectiveness and rebirth.
Defined by plants farming humans and animals, giving oxygen until they eventually expire and turn into mulch which will slowly get consumed. While plants are living and thriving of our death, they can recite stories about our lives.
Following the floral sensuality defined by the designer, the Venus flytrap snaps up insects in jawlike leaves while pitcher-shaped plants with slippery coatings are death traps for animals that slide inside. Being surprisingly skilled and stealthy hunters, water-dwelling plants use suction to slurp up their prey, reflecting in the silhouettes of the collection and fabricating voluptuous impressions resulting in an appealing visual narrative. Defined by the flesh of each wearer, the garments adapt to the human body.