Ninamounah x Lotus Lourdes

Introducing an exclusive and limited collaboration with Lotus Lourdes featuring vintage sexy Marlboro-inspired prints.
Lotus, an artist and musician from Amsterdam, inherits her skill in screen printing from her father, painter and artist George Heidweiller, who mastered the craft in the 80s as a screen printing assistant to Herman Brood. Having grown up in art studios, Lotus infuses her unique upbringing into her work, demonstrating a distinct preference for obscure and provocative imagery. Proudly embracing her Surinamese heritage, she carries forth the family’s artistic legacy, exemplifying a fusion of tradition and innovation as both an artist and screen printer.
Each item undergoes a distinctive hand silk-screen printing process, making them one-of-a-kind with slight variations from the images.
For special requests, custom items or sizes please feel free to contact us.
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